The loss of innocent lives and destruction caused by the Marriott Hotel bombing needs to be condemned in unequivocal terms. There can be no two opinions on that. However the rushed conclusion by the media, about the War on Terror being our own war now, is at best emotional and at worst naive. In fact, the magnitude, timing, place and impunity of the blast goes on to show the exact opposite. America is using Pakistani lives, civilian and military, to fuel her war. The argument that lets mow down the Tribal Area because militants from there are killing Pakistani citizens, while emotionally appealing, is too simplistic. This argument is built on the plank embedded by the Western propaganda machine that these militants harbor an ideology, which requires them to kill. Another equally important reality is that America is occupying Afghanistan and is seen as an occupying force by natives of that country who are waging an insurgency, a war of independence, against her. The UN mandate may have given America a so called legitimacy to invade Afghanistan but it has not convinced the populace of that country that American forces have a right to kill them, destroy their homes and occupy their land. Without questioning the human tragedy inflicted by the Americans in Afghanistan, one cannot solve the problem of violence in Pakistan because the root cause of violence here is the war against American occupation in Afghanistan. We are all part of its collateral damage. -MOEZ MOBEEN, Islamabad, via e-mail, September 22.