Col (Retd) Riaz Jaffri in his letter titled "Saviours of the country" (September 8, 2008) has been in his element. The government is composed of true representatives of the people who are bound according to rules of the game. The reason why our country never made any progress is because it never had true representatives of the people in government. The country has always been under the sway of feudal lords who have exploited our people to the hilt. The sole blame for the mess we see today has to be laid at the door of our citizens themselves who have tamely chosen this same lot of feudals over and over again. I find blaming of the army to be total rubbish. Those who preach such views are all unrealistic as well as shortsighted and actually misleading the people. If the democratically elected government were delivering some bit, why did not the masses reacted and revolted every time there was a coup by the army? Our 60 years old history has shown that all hell may break loose but nobody ever protests in this country. That, obviously, means that nobody actually cares about anything. -MASHKOOR A. KHAN, Lahore, via e-mail, September 10.