ISLAMABAD - The endless series of the deadly suicide attacks across the country has perplexed the people and they are left with no choice but either to avoid hotels, markets and busy business places or risk their lives by dragging themselves on the routine tracks. The phenomenon has fractionated the nation into a number of factions in terms of their states of mind, as a huge number of countrymen have become nervous and horrified for quite sometime after occurrence of such kind of brutal incident, numerous others pass by the happenings, while another group some times do took the pain by heart, but became habitual of such kind of incidents with unprecedented frequency in the world history. Before the first suicide blast, which hit the country in 1995, people's knowledge restricted to only remote control and time bomb blasts. But those 'humble' blasts, too, remained in the memories of people for years because of their once-in-a-year occurrence, while most frequented wave of brutal suicide attacks since 1996 made the people insane. During frank interviews with individuals of all age groups, TheNation received mix response over the question of leaving home for some busy place of either kind in face of the un-preventable suicide blasts. Some of them told that they were bound to go to their workplaces to earn breed, some others opined that life and death were in the hands of God, who can save them in the worst situation if He wished. Amjad Ali, a resident of Rawalpindi, said that one has to visit different places in a single day, for earning breed, for buying daily-use commodities and so on. How can one avoid a place where he must have to go? Amjad asked. He said no one has any prior knowledge as what will happen and at what place, so restricting oneself to a certain place is not reasonable. Salma Rasheed, a housewife, whom this scribe talked on phone, said that she restricted her children from going out in markets and other busy places except in very essential circumstances. She said she waits very eagerly for her other family members until they enter the home. "There is no safety of life today," she added. Salma said that she remained nervous and worried and her sleep disturbed for longer times after any incident of mass killing or destruction occurred in any part of the country. She said she couldn't understand as to whom could be so brutal to ruin dozens of families in a single shot. Or they beasts or born to human beings? Salma enquired. Salman, a young tailor in Shamsabad, Rawalpindi said he used to tune to another channel when there is news of some catastrophic mishap in the country. He said our nation has been experiencing pain since 1995, which resulted in making them either insane or indifferent or their hearts became so weak that they now change channel like me. He termed the most frequent occurrence of suicide attacks an intelligence lapse and said that suicide bombers could not be stopped once they set on target. Instead, he said, they should be busted in the very dens where they plan the attacks.