I happened to go to Diyal Singh Public Library the other day to get some books issued. The receptionist told me that the library is going to be closed at 1400 hours. This being the month of Ramazan, the timings for the holy month are from 0900 hours to 1400 hours. Normally, the timings were fixed from 0900 to 1700 hours. I am at a loss to understand why three hours have been reduced in the working time of library this month? Do the Quran and Hadith teach us to do less work in this month? We, the Pakistanis, are in the habit of shirking work on one pretext or another even though both our faith, and the Quaid, directed us to do more and more work in order to make the country prosperous. I request the government and the nation through your paper to observe fewer holidays in a year and give more time to the country. -M. RASHID, Lahore, September 10.