All over Pakistan, people have greeted to changes which the nation was forced to bring to save the country on February 18 and September 6 this year. For the last 9 years the government has served the rich and special vested interests. Millions of middle class Pakistanis have paid more to the governments but got less in return. The results have been devastating-record number of people without jobs, farmers without land, schools that are failing and without teachers, millions with inadequate health care and more dangerous roads, streets and neighbourhoods. Powerful interests and an entrenched bureaucracy dominated Islamabad. Those we elected to lead seemed to respond more quickly to special vested interests than to real problems of real people. VIP culture had dominated our lives. The newly elected president and PPP government wants to work for a change because the country we loved had a government that failed our people, failed the forgotten majority in our home towns - those who toil and save, work hard all their lives to build a better life for their children. Our society was in trouble. Across this country, millions of Pakistani families have been betrayed by a government out of touch of our values and beholden to the privileged few. Millions of people were losing heart because they felt their lives may no longer have any deeper meaning or purpose the way they were being ruled. In the emerging global economy everything is mobile, capital, factories, even entire industries. The only resource that is really rooted in a nation and the ultimate source of all its wealth is its people. The only way Pakistan can compete and win in the 21st century is to have the best-educated, best-trained workforce in the world, linked together by transportation and communications networks second to none. The PPP led coalition government believes in free enterprise and power of market forces. Economic growth does not come without a national economic strategy to invest in people and meet the competition. The previous government had no economic vision, no economic leadership and no economic strategy. But you cannot kill hope that easily, not in Pakistan. In every Pakistani no matter how badly betrayed or poorly led there is always hope. Now if you listen, you can hear the pulse of Pakistanis' true spirit. But, we must vow to day that the past rulers will be history in very near future, as their approach to governing this country had badly failed. They have taxed the many to enrich the few. They had ignored the suffering of those who were victims of diseases, of crime, of poverty, of ignorance, of hatred and harassment. It is time for them to be history. They had nourished and appeased tyranny and endangered Pakistan's deepest interest while betraying our cherished ideals, they have mortgaged our children's future. They had dreamed our democracy with the politics of horse-trading, distraction, denial and despair. What the past system was doing about our economic problem? The system had raised taxes on poor and salaried class and lowered taxes on people riding in Mercedes. Unemployment, skyrocketing high prices of food items, had killed our hopes for a better tomorrow. The government had wasted billions and reduced our investment in education, jobs and energy. Our nation is sick and tired of governments that did not work to create jobs and electricity. We are sick and tired on exploding debt and reduced investment in out future. That is why the PPP led coalition government has introduced a new approach for good governance. A government that offers more choices for young people in high schools, medical, engineering and IT colleges/universities they attend. A government that expands opportunities and not bureaucracy. A government that understands that jobs must come from growth in a vibrant and vital system of free enterprise in a free market economy. We call this new system a solemn agreement between the people and the government based not simply on what each of us can take on, but on what all of us must give to our nation. This system offers our people a new choice based on our values. This system will offer opportunity, but will demand responsibility. This system has a vision for tomorrow. We hope no one ever tries to raise a child without a vision for where there is no vision, the people perish. The new system has a vision for a better future. What is that vision? A Pakistan with millions of new jobs in a number of new industries moving confidently in the 21st Century. A Pakistan that says to entrepreneurs and business people, we will give you more incentives and more opportunity than ever before to develop the skills of your workers and create Pakistani jobs and Pakistani wealth in the new global economy. A Pakistan in which doors of colleges and universities are thrown open to the sons and daughters of ordinary factory workers and toiling peasants. A Pakistan where everybody can borrow the money to go to college but we must do our part. We must pay it back from pay cheques or we can go back home and serve our communities. Just think of it, millions of young men and women serving their country by policing the streets or teaching the children in primary schools or caring for the sick or working for elderly or people with disabilities, or helping young people to stay off the drugs and out of gangs, giving us all a sense of new hope and limitless possibilities. That is what this new system is all about. A Pakistan in which health care and uninterrupted supply of gas and electricity is a right not a privilege. A Pakistan in which we can have the courage to take on the health care multinational profiteers and make health care affordable for every family, but we just do our part, preventive care, pre-natal care, childhood immunisation. Saving lives. Saving money, saving families from heartbreak. A Pakistan in which middle-class incomes, not middle class taxes, are going up. A Pakistan in which rich are not soaked but the middle class is not drowned either. Responsibility starts at the Top. This is a new system which the coalition government is proposing. We know well that the Muslim World needs a strong Pakistan but we have learned that strengthening begins at home. The new system is about more than opportunities and responsibilities for all of our families and us. It is also about our common community. Today every one of us knows deep in our hearts that we are too divided. It is time to heal Pakistan. And so we must say to every Pakistani to look beyond stereotypes that blind us. We need each other. We do not have a person to waste. In the end the new coalition government simply asks us all to be Pakistani again - old-fashioned Pakistani for a new time. Throughout the whole history of Pakistan we have seen time and again that when we are united we are unstoppable. We can seize the moment, we can make it exciting, energising and heroic to be a Pakistani again. We can renew our faith in each other and ourselves and restore our sense of unity and community. But we cannot do it alone. We didn't mess overnight and we will not get out of it overnight but we can do it with our commitment and our creativity and our diversity and our strength. It is time for every person on this land to reach out and join hands with the coalition government in a great new adventure to chart a bold new future for all of us. We firmly believe that Pakistan is the greatest country in the history of the world because our people have always believed in two great ideas, one, that tomorrow can be better than today and second, that each of us has a personal and moral responsibility to make it so. Somewhere in Pakistan at this moment another child is born. Let it be our cause to give that child a happy home, a healthy family and a hopeful future. Let it be our cause to see that child reaches the fullest of his God given abilities. Let it be our cause that he grows up strong and secure braced by his challenges, never, never struggling alone but with family and friends and a faith. That in Pakistan no one is left alone, no one is left behind. Let it be our cause that when he is able he gives something back to his parents, his community and his Country. And let it be our cause to give him a Country that is coming together and moving ahead. A country of boundless hopes and endless dreams, a Country that once again lifts up its people and inspires the Muslim World.