Militants ambushed a convoy of prominent anti-Taliban tribal elders in Bannu on Thursday, spraying their cars with gunfire, killing eleven people and wounding several others, report said. The members of the local Peace Committee were traveling from the Machikhel area to meet security officials in Bannu district when their three-vehicle convoy was sprayed with bullets by insurgents, the channel said. Eleven bodies were recovered from the bullet-riddled cars, including six tribal elders who had opposed the Taliban in the region. Several of their associates were wounded in the attack and hospitalized, it was reported. The ambush followed another attack by militants who killed two members of another anti-Taliban citizen's committee Thursday in the Swat Valley to the northeast. The assailants struck as members of the "peace committee" slept in Swat's Sertelegram area. Security guards fought the militants and killed several of them, although no bodies were recovered.