Ii is regrettable that despite best endeavours of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the federal government has failed to sort out the issue price-fixing of sugar. The PM called the Chief Ministers of all the four provinces to decide how sugar could be sold at the rate of 40 per kg as per the decision of the superior judiciary but they all expressed their inability to get the decision implemented. The CMs are showing weakness in forcing the decision upon the Sugar mills owners. I would advise that all the sugar mills be immediately taken over by the federal government. Unless these mills are threatened to be nationalised, the sugar mill owners would not realise the importance of the matter. The government, though, is unlikely to do it because most parliamentarians on either side of the political divide are owners of the sugar mills. The parties in power are, thus, loathes moving any kind of bill against sugar prices. The mafia, on its part, is eager to exploit this opportunity to make black money from the poor people of this country. Despite assembling the entire top management of the country, the PM, Chief Ministers and the whole lot of the concerned federal and provincial ministers and secretaries, the government has failed to come up with a solution to the national crisis on sugar. That is shameful. -MURAD ALI MOHMAD, Peshawar.