LAHORE - Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hassan has said American-led war on terror is in fact aims at targeting the Muslims as America in this war is determined to paint every Muslim as terrorist before the world. The whole Muslim Ummah at present is passing through a very difficult phase not only because of the war on terror but also for the reason that rulers in the Muslim countries are totally at the beck and call of America which is receiving every facility to promote its designs through them, said JI Ameer while addressing Eid congregations here at Mansoora. He underscored the need of coming down to the arena to counter the tyranny of America against Muslims and added, when lakhs of people would come out on the road in its peaceful 'go-America-go movement, it would go a long way to press the government and force America to go out of the region. The JI movement, he said, was not merely a slogan but a philosophy and a lesson learned from the history. He said the present time demanded of every Muslim to play his part. The JI Ameer also eulogised the struggle and sacrifices by the Muslims of held Kashmir, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan and said the result of their courageous efforts was that today American and Nato forces were trying to find a way out of Iraq and Afghanistan after biting the dust. He also slammed expansion of the US Embassy in Islamabad and said the expansion would serve as American garrison and another Guantanamo Bay prison. He also looked with grave concern the movement of 'thousands of Blackwater workers from Afghanistan to Pakistan and the silence maintained by the rulers over it. He said the Blackwater was spreading its activity throughout the country and the Parliament must take note of this.