Perhaps Mr. Zardari gets fed up being idle in the four walls of the President House where he cannot move an inch without costing the poor agonised public a million dollars. So, probably to get some fresh air and seen to be doing something, he must go every month or a fortnight to kingdoms in the Middle East, Europe, America, China--virtually any country he could think of. Often he has his children in tow as he sets out on these tours. Often, he also leaves behind a new issue or crisis which keeps the political analyst engrossed while he is away. He deftly keeps passing the buck for every failure to his prime minister too, be it the drone attacks. US marines in Islamabad, corruption cases, rental power unit, PSML, Musharraf trial or any of the horrendous scams that keep rearing their heads. The prime minister takes the rap for all of these things obediently while elegantly changing into multi-million rupees suits four times a day for various photo-ops and addresses to the press. Another person making the most of open airwaves is Altaf Hussein. He cannot enter Pakistan but constantly abuses millions of dollars worth of free airtime on Pakistani television channels mostly haranguing against PML-N on behest of PPP-AZ. The whole circus appears to be an attempt to digress public attention from failures of the current coalition. -SALMAN ALI, Multan, September 20.