MULTAN - Terming the Balochistan issue as the biggest problem being faced by the country, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that all out efforts will be made to settle the problem amicably. Well have to act like big brother to eliminate the sense of deprivation among Baloch people. They have been neglected for the last 62 years, but now the government is determined to resolve all their problems, he said while talking to the journalists at the circuit house during his two-day Eid visit to the his native City. During his stay, the premier also addressed a public gathering, held a meeting of the PPPs MNAs and MPAs, attended briefings and met with public delegations. He said the timeframe to resolve the issue would be announced after consulting all political leaders and stakeholders, including the PML-N, after Eid. He announced that the recommendations of the committees formed earlier and those working on the Balochistan issue right now would also be taken into consideration. To a query on the expansion of the US embassy, he assured that the government would not take any step harming the countrys interests. Answering another question, he again reiterated the stance to repeal the 17th Amendment as promised by Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. To another question about Saraiki and other provinces in the country, Gilani said given the menace of terrorism, the time was not suitable for orchestrating discussion on creation of new provinces. He said Pakistan wanted good relations with all the neighbouring countries on the basis of equality. We want to settle all issues, including water and Kashmir, with India on the table. He also urged the need that both the nuke-capable states should focus on uplifting poverty-hit masses, as confrontation was no more in interest of any one. To a query about any action against Hafiz Saeed, he said investigations were underway and the decision to take any action would be made on the basis of evidences. I think he is in custody, he said while replying a question on whether Hafiz Saeed was free or under arrest. He reaffirmed his resolve that Pakistan would not let any one utilise its soil against any other country for terrorist activities. Earlier, addressing a gathering of PPP workers, office bearers and parliamentarians at the circuit house late on Tuesday night, Premier Gilani claimed that the economy friendly policies of the government not only boosted business activity and industry but also caused a US$ 8.2 billion hike in foreign exchange reserves. Citing economic recovery and law and order as integrated issues, Gilani said, The government has tackled the issue wisely as a result of which our industry and economy have gained stability and growth. He said Rs 42 billion had been allocated to revitalising the ailing textile sector. He disclosed that the PM Inspection Commission would monitor every development project worth over Rs 100 million. Premier Gilani also announced financial support for the general public to get subsidised flour under Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) and made it clear that there was not shortage of wheat in the country, claiming, Even were in a position to export it. Referring to power crisis, he said the government had evolved a comprehensive strategy to solve the problem through short, medium and long-term plans. He said some quarters were criticising the rental power projects (RPPs) but it had become inevitable to launch these projects for meeting the power requirements, adding that mega projects like Bhasha Diamer Dam and Neelum Jhelum project were being undertaken to address the water problem and electricity shortage. He said the government was going to launch a scheme under which poor people would get 200 electricity units free of cost. Talking about the strategy to tackle the terrorism, he said, We enjoy public support. Thats why weve achieved successful results in the operation. Many terrorists with head money of millions have surrendered due to our successful strategy, he added. About the accountability bill, he said it was up to the Parliament as to decide what the future mode of accountability. Recalling the performance of the government, he said the government materialised its promise to reinstate the terminated workers, restored all the deposed judges, withdrew draconian media laws, granted equal rights to the minorities and allocated five per cent job quota for them, while labourers were made shareholders in their organisations and raised the salary of government employees. The prime minister said the project to give one million housing units to the low-income people was underway while the Benazir Bhutto Basti project had also been finalised. He pointed out that the increase in support price of wheat benefited the growers besides resulting in a bumper crop. He mentioned the governments of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto for giving rights to the people of Gilgit-Baltistan and said the incumbent PPP government had offered them internal autonomy. The prime minister said a committee would be set up to resolve all problems being faced by the party workers, adding that the masses were the real force behind the political parties and the PPP would make all out efforts to empower the poor people. He said the PPP was in a position to form the government alone but it invited other parties and initiated the politics of reconciliation in the country. Recalling the past, Gilani said he himself remained a victim of political victimisation and was imprisoned. But today we have no political prisoner in the jails. He said in the past those, who bowed down before the rulers in the past, enjoyed power but those who refused to do so were targeted. Prime Minister Gilani also announced a number of projects for South Punjab region including construction of Nishtar Ghat Bridge over River Indus between Kot Mithan and Chachran Sharif as well as supply of Sui gas to District Rajanpur. Referring to the Multan development package, he directed the commissioner to remove all obstacles in implementing the project forthwith for in time completion. Referring to big city allowance, he said the chief minister had declared big city status for Multan and a notification would soon be issued. He assured the journalists that the federal government would soon release Rs 75 million for the Journalists Colony in Multan.