KARACHI - Stay tuned at this channel, Stay tuned at that channel, dont go away we will right back to you. In the meantime while listening such instructions cum warnings a serious and matured television viewer is switched with a remote control from one channel to another with an intention to watch quality entertainment stuff but finds his/herself quiet helpless. Eventually, a TV viewer has nothing to continue with all such sort of same programs but has two options to take, either to watch cartoon network or to turn his/her TV set off. During first two days of this Eid-ul- Fitr, I went through same experience and felt no change in entertainment programs. Most of the programs were scripted but based on ridiculous random. There is nothing for entertainment in television channels except few programs. As compared to most of the entertainment channels, news channels are performing well by revenue generation market share and worth of program. Since last few years, it has become a tradition that on the occasion of any religious, cultural and national festivals, television channels prepare variety of programs of different nature with a view to give home entertainment to their viewers. It is a matter of fact that the religious nature of Eid festivity has turned into cultural one. As media is moving, our culture is being evolved with this. Currently, in the post globalisation world, integrated media and entertainment industry, with sophisticated technological intensification is influencing our cultural values, social norms and rituals. The way our entertainment channels are celebrating Eid festivities, it seems that it is purely cultural event rather religious because consciously or unconsciously media is promoting all those stuff that is totally against the culture of the masses. From TV shows to dramas, really felt the dearth of creativity, infertility of ideas and lack of the sense of good production. Indecent dialogues, excessive glamour, impolite love stories, vulgar dance, poor songs and humourless comedy have become the hallmark of the day. Despite imparting information and knowledge, the secondary aim of the mass media is to provide healthy entertainment for people. Newspaper, Radio, TV, Films are different forms of entertainment for them. Undoubtedly, a media is a mirror of society but our media is not portraying a true picture of society. There is also need to change the concept of entertainment, which is varied from culture to culture and society to society. In western societies, people are used to entertain by watching late-night reality shows. Sometimes vulgarity means happiness for them. However, according to its universal definition, entertainment is that kind of amusement exercise, which nourishes our aesthetic sense and gives elegant touch and feelings to our heart and minds. A very sorry state of entertainment shows that our media policy makers think a good entertainment piece should be created without using any common sense and wisdom. Honestly speaking, current freedom has grabbed our creative abilities. Presently, our media is deliberately addressing the insignificant emotional issues of elite and privileged class or promoting poor lower class as a thoughtless and slapdash segment but totally neglecting middle class, the highest constituent of our social composition. A director, producer working with a private channel on condition of anonymity of his name told The Nation that a few years ago, private channels started their work with proper planning and homework, but so far as new channels are concerned, they are offering haphazard programmes. At this time more than half per cent work is being done in private sectors, wherein some production houses are producing each and every type of programs of heavy and low budget according to local media market demand. In public and the private sector, every thing is highly commercialised. Channels do prefer to buy low-cost programs, as they have to fulfil on air vacuum. They run 24 hours day night transmission. How long they can produce quality programs, producer said. They evaluate sponsor potential of the proposed program from the multinational corporate sector to earn maximum revenue, he added. We need not to practise the global culture of vulgarity, violence, and sexual frustration; rather we should follow universal culture of tolerance, progression, equality, technological sufficiency and hard working.