LAHORE - The Lahoriites celebrated Eid holidays experiencing record high price-hike and unbridled fleecing besides hot weather amid peace and tranquillity as no troublesome incident took place at any part of the City. The largest Eid congregation was held at the Badshai mosque. Special arrangements had been made to offer prayer across the metropolis. People offered prayers for the progress and prosperity of the country, unity among the Muslims, solution of their problems and liberation of Muslim territories, including occupied Kashmir. The day started early for the housewives as they prepared special sweet dishes for the festival besides saltish ones - like dehi-baray, gram chatt and fruit chatt - the traditional items for presenting to the guests and members of the family. Following the Eid prayers, people spent their time feasting with family and friends and feeding those who are less fortunate, while they also exchanged gifts on the occasion. As per the local tradition, the small girls wearing colourful dresses, with arms full of bangles with colours matching to their dresses and fine designs made on their palms and forearms by henna added colour to the festival. One could find bunches of teenagers going from one place to other, visiting their friends and relatives on the three days. Despite ban on one-wheeling, groups of youth were seen making stunt on their motorbikes. Some juveniles were sighted parking their cars alongside the busiest roads to dance on the beats of rock music being played on full volume with ear-splitting noise. Meanwhile, foolproof security measures were adopted on the occasion. Policemen had been deputed outside the bazaars, shopping centres and sensitive public and private buildings with strict security measures in and around the Eidgahs and mosuqes, as police continued patrolloing the roads. Special security arrangements were also very much visible outside the parks and recreational spots for the safety of visitors. And it is not a surpirse that the confectioners made roaring business as they increased the rates of special cakes, sweets and other varieties of desserts. More than 20 to 30 per cent raise was witnessed on different items. The prices were fixed and the costumers had not room to bargain. The sale of impure beverages of almost every popular brand, adulterated and unhygienic soft drinks, juices, bottled waters and ice creams remain unchecked throughout the Eid holidays. The local markets specially bus terminals, railway stations and bazaars were flooded with these counterfeit and substandard products. They were also easily available in departmental stores in different parts of the City and those involved in the illegal business offered high margins to shopkeepers for buying their products. As there was not respite for people during the holy month despite so-called 'infallible arrangements to check overcharging, shopkeepers selling fruits, vegetables and meat ripped off the people with impunity. None of them bothered to display price-lists and charged as per their high demands. Menawhile, recreational spots also attracted loads of people as the small children forced their parents to visit the Zoo and other places in between the visits to the relatives. On the second day of Eid, great hustle and bustle was witnessed at parks as people along with their families rushed to spend some time while enjoying and escaping the tensions all around. The main parks of the provincial capital, Jallo Park, Jillani Park, Ghulshan Park, Model Town Park and Bagh-e-Jinnah, attacted thopusnads. Historical sites including Minar-e-Pakistan, Shahi Qilla, Jahangirs Tomb, Kamran Baradari, Shalamar Garden, Lahore Museum and Badshai Mosque were also among the most visited places. All these places not only attracted the locals but also fascinated those coming from different parts of the country. The City Zoo also attracted thousands of visitors and earned a record gate revenue on first and second day of Eid. The cages of tigers, lions and monkeys were the main centre of attraction for all visitors especially the children. Majority of visitors enjoyed the tricks of monkeys while hundreds of children also enjoyed the camel and Elephant ride not only within the zoo premises but also in the residential areas. Some groups of Eid-revellers also visited the cinemas and theatres to watch their favourite movies and stage dramas. People liked the stage dramas, saying that Eid could never be celebrated without watching their much-loved actors and actresses. The public transporters including taxi drivers did not laf behind as they played their part in cheating the people and charged fares according to their whims. People also complained about the Auto Teller Machines (ATMs) of various banks including National Bank of Pakistan which remained out of order during the Eid holidays creating wanted headche and hardships for the people.