Friends of Democratic Pakistan meeting would be held here on Thursday which would be jointly chaired by US President Barrack Obama, UK PM Gordon Brown and President Asif Ali Zardari. During the session matters related to economic and security problems being faced by Pakistan in war against terrorism would be reviewed. While it is expected that several strong and powerful countries would make their financial pledges to get Pakistan out of its economic slum. Meanwhile Pakistan ambassador to US Hussain Haqani talking to a local TV channel show has said that US is bound to give Pakistan $3.2 billion this year. He said that Pakistan and US want to have good ties and no one should doubt this. He said that some elements through their emotional slogans want to spoil relations between the two countries. He said that in the past agreements like SETO and SENTO were also doubted but time proved that they were correct. He said we want relations with US on equal footing. Meanwhile Finance minister, Shaukat Tareen said that US has ensured that a large fraction of aid will directly be given to the government of Pakistan. Talking to a local TV channel in New York, the Finance Minister said this has been assured in a meeting with the US officials. He said that US government has conceded to the stance of Islamabad that the aid given to Pakistan will be used by the government of Pakistan.