RAWALPINDI (Agencies) - Chief of the Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani Wednesday visited field formations deployed in FATA and DI Khan. This day-long trip included visits to Wana and Tank. This visit on third day of Eidul Fitr was in line with the rich military traditions of spending part of Eid holidays with the deployed troops. During the visit, the Army Chief not only met with senior field commanders but also freely mixed with junior officers, JCOs/NCOs and soldiers. He appreciated the initiative of field military commanders to distribute special Eid packages in their respective areas, bought by the soldiers from their own salaries. He was also pleased to know that to date over 12,000 tons of ration have been distributed by the Army from the daily ration authorised to troops themselves. He lauded this spirit of sacrifice, which is in line with the old Muslim and military traditions. During the visit, Kayani was accompanied by Corps Commander Lt-Gen Muhammad Masood Aslam. Meanwhile, As many as seven terrorists have surrendered to security forces at Devolai, Salhand and Shah Dheri areas during search and clearance operations which are continuing in Swat and Malakand. According to ISPR, in Swat, security forces conducted search operation at Kanatai and Gamsar and two suspects including M Amin Qari, a notorious terrorist who played a major role in the murder of Pir Samiul Haq, were apprehended. An amount of Rs 44,000 was also recovered from the suspects. Security forces conducted search operation at Rema (1.5 km north of Barshaur) and discovered a 15 ft long empty tunnel inside the house of Akbar Zada. As many as 14 individuals voluntarily surrendered to security forces at Bar Shaur along with 2 SMGs and 2 x 12 bore guns. Some 7 terrorists surrendered to security forces at Devolai, Salhand and Shah Dheri. Security Forces conducted search operation at Kanju and held a suicide bomber namely Ehsan from there. Meanwhile, an Eid get together was held at Alpurai Camp. It was attended by the notables and elders of Alpurai, Liluani, Karora and Shahpur. They expressed their full confidence in the Army and pledged all out support, it said.