INDIAN External Affairs Minister SM Krishna on Wednesday said he was 'sceptical about the outcome of his meeting with his Pakistani counterpart Shah Mahmood Qureshi. Krishna also asked the US to be more 'circumspect in providing aid to Pakistan, which was being diverted for use against India. Ahead of his meeting with Qureshi on Sept 27, Krishna said he was 'sceptical about its outcome, maintaining that only 'sincerity and seriousness on the part of Pakistan would provide a 'sound backdrop for a meaningful dialogue. He said unless Pakistan government shows 'seriousness and sincerity in going after the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks, an 'atmosphere of trust cannot be created between the two countries. In an interview with Wall Street Journal, Krishna said: Factually, we are going to convey this to all our friendly governments, we are going to provide them with facts, like what happened on 26/11 and what has happened subsequent to 26/11. I think the facts themselves will speak more eloquently than anything I can say.