During the Governor's rule that had been clamped on the province a couple of months ago, Governor Salman Taseer had appointed Mr. Shahid Mehboob Rana as VC of the GC University, Faisalabad. His case, though, was not routed through the proper channel, the legitimate chief minister of the province. He should have been removed from this post as soon as the Governor's rule had ended. That can be done now by putting in place a stopgap arrangement before some eligible, in-service, serving full professor is appointed to the post. The appointment of the present VC has made a laughing stock of our universities. He has many cases pending in the NAB. He used to work three days in GC University, Faisalabad and three days in Saudi Arabia without getting an NQC from the concerned quarters. Since this post was not even advertised, his continuation is illegal. I request the concerned authorities that the present VC be prosecuted under the law and an Acting VC be appointed as a stopgap arrangement in his place. -DR HAQ NAWAZ, Faisalabad, September 12.