Fresh currency notes freely circulate in the black market the whole year round without any shortage but if a customer has to buy them at any time, he has to pay a premium even on a single packet. of fresh notes. On the occasion of Eid, fresh notes are more in demand than ever as everyone is eager to give a crisp 'Eidi' to relatives. Hence, the commercial banks conveniently run out of fresh currency notes on Eid. My question to the Governor State Bank is that if fresh notes can be circulated without a break all year round in the open market 'on good premium', why cannot the same be given to commercial banks on Eid? The State Bank is supposed to make sure that fresh currency notes are available in open market and the supply never stops in any month. But I never saw any bankers offering fresh money supply to their customers through out the year. That is why the common public is forced to approach the open market for fresh currency, particularly on festivals like the Eid. -ASHFAQ SHARIF, Karachi, September 19.