DUBAI (AFP) - Osama bin Ladens second-in-command has warned in a new Al-Qaeda video that US President Barack Obama will be defeated by Islamic fighters, a US-based monitoring group said. The video, released to mark the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, features Al-Qaeda deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahiri and footage of a US soldier captured in Afghanistan, according to a statement by the SITE Intelligence Group. The 106-minute video, called The West and the Dark Tunnel, also features Adam Gadahn, known as the Al-Qaeda operative Azzam the American, SITE said. In the video, Zawahiri urges Muslims to participate in jihad (holy war) and slams Arab leaders for following what it says is US policy of forcing support for Israel. This policy finds some who respond to it. All Arab presidents and kings cooperate with it. All those who belong to the so-called Arab nationalism deal with it, which accepts the conditions of American domination over the world. Turning to Obama, Zawahiri warned that the Muslim nation has begun to awaken and that a jihadi awakening will pervade. You will know who the Islamic nation is, Zawahiri said, according to SITE. To break your back, maybe at the hands of the Mujahideen (Islamic fighters) with permission from Allah, the world will rest from your criminality, roughness and falsehood, Zawahiri added. America has come with a new deceptive face ... It plants the same dagger as Bush and his predecessors did. Obama has resorted to the policies of his predecessors in lying and selling illusions, said Zawahri, clad in white robe and turban. America has got involved in many wars and lost them ... But this one isnt like others. You have become embroiled with the Islamic nation and its Mujahideen, and the nation has begun to wake up, he said in his concluding remarks. Mr Obama, America has waged many wars in the past and has known defeat in Vietnam and the Bay of Pigs (in Cuba) and others but this time is not like the previous ones because you are involved with the Muslim nation that has woken up. A major theme of the 106-minute production is that Al-Qaedas Sept 11 attack on US cities and the subsequent US war on terror were behind US and world financial troubles. The video, in which a narrator speaks over clips of the Al-Qaeda figures and Western analysts taken from documentaries, discusses allegations of financial corruption inside the Saudi royal family and torture used by US troops in Afghanistan. Zawahri attacks last months congress by the Fatah party of US-backed Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, the main group in the Palestine Liberation Organisation that has been at the centre of the secular Arab nationalist politics since the 1960s. The Arab nationalists have been exposed and most of all in Palestine, their most important cause, he said. The choice of Mahmoud Abbas as head of the Fatah group is a shameless declaration that nationalists have reneged on the rights of their people. IntelCentre, another group that monitors Islamist websites, said that footage of US soldier Bowe Berghdahl, kidnapped in Afghanistan in June 2009, also appears in the video. The footage appears to be similar to previously released footage, it said. SITE quotes Gadahn as saying, in regard to Berghdahl, I think that as the American people reflect on the fate of the young Idahoan soldier of the American occupation in Afghanistan, they should also start to reflect on the conditions of thousands of Muslim prisoners, suffering in their own governments custody at home and abroad.