For the last 5 years, a small group of like-minded friends in England and Pakistan have been giving careful consideration to practicable solutions to our national problems. This group is called People's Voice for Radical Reforms. We bring out an eight-page journal that is published six times a year and distributed free of charge all over the world. We also hold quarterly meetings in different cities of Pakistan in order to discuss our charter of radical reforms. Copy of our last issue is being emailed to you as are pages of our forthcoming issue carrying the summary of our manifesto called 'The Charter 20-20'. We believe the political parties of the country have all lost their way and rather than becoming part of the solution, have unfortunately become part of the problem that we have in this country. In these circumstances, members of the civil society have to play the same historic role that they played in the restoration of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry. -NASEEM AHMED BAJWA, London, September 20.