NEW YORK - A New York City Imam, who acted as a police informant, betrayed his handlers by tipping off a terror suspect, authorities say. Ahmad Wais Afzali, resident of New York borough of Queens, was among three men arrested during the weekend in connection with an alleged bombing plot. In court records released Sunday, authorities allege that Afzali, 37, tipped off a suspected plotter Najibullah Zazi, an Afghan national, whom federal agents were looking to arrest and then lied to the police about what he had done, New York Times reported. The documents show that Zazi, 24, of Denver, abruptly left New York and returned to Colorado after having wiretapped phone conversations with the Imam, which the FBI alleges contained talk of how police were interested in Zazi, mentioning of events in Afghanistan and Pakistan and refers to evidence, the newspaper said. Federal authorities maintain that Zazi attended an al-Qaeda terrorism training camp in Pakistan and was arrested with notes detailing how to make explosive devices. Court documents indicate that FBI agents moved hurriedly to conduct raids at New York apartments last week based on information gleaned from Zazis conversations with Afzali, the newspaper said.