BRITISH R&B star Jay Sean has conquered the US chart - succeeding where many UK artists have failed by notching up six weeks in the Billboard top 10. Seans single Down, which features rapper Lil Wayne, has sold a million copies and been at number two for the past three weeks. Sean, from Hounslow, west London, is now the most successful male UK urban artist in US chart history. If you have some good music, you can make it anywhere, he said. The singer is currently enjoying greater success in the US than he has found at home. The former medical student had two UK top 10 hits in 2004, but later split with his record label Virgin when, he says, they tried to make him sound like James Blunt. He went on to form his own record label Jayded with his management company 2 Point 9, and the resulting music attracted the attention of US hip-hop label Cash Money, home of Lil Wayne. The Black Eyed Peas have been number one in the US for six months The singer had already written and recorded the song Down when Cash Money paired him up with Lil Wayne, who had the best-selling US album of 2008. Lil Wayne added a 30-second rap to the track and the collaboration was propelled toward the top of the charts. Im very blessed that it got off to a flying start and its been doing crazy things over the last couple of months, Sean told BBC News. His quick success came as a surprise to many American fans, he said. All the journalists and radio people have been saying, dude, where did you come from? Sean now hopes to topple the Black Eyed Peas from the number one spot, which they have occupied for the past six months. Sean has joined an exclusive club of UK urban artists who have enjoyed hits in the home of hip-hop and R&B. BBC