RAWALPINDI - Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary on Monday paid a visit to Adiala Jail and directed the authorities to release some 14 prisoners involved in petty cases, informed the jail officials here on Wednesday. On the occasion, judges of High Court, Session Judges, Civil Judges, DIG (Prisons) of Rawalpini Malik Shaukat Feroz, DIG (Prisons) of Faisalabad Malik Mubashir and Superintendent of Adiala Jail Saleemullah Gondal were also present. The jail superintendent gave a detailed briefing to the Chief Justice on the occasion. The Chief Justice distributed some 6,000 lunch boxes containing rice, chicken roast, fruit and juices among the prisoners on the occasion of Eid. The Chief Justice, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, also visited the jails hospital, community hall and barracks of prisoners and listened to their problems. While visiting women prisoners barrack, the Chief Justice ordered the release of four women, who were still imprisoned for not furnishing surety bonds. The Chief Justice asked the Session Judges to release the women on personal surety. Some eight other prisoners, involved in petty cases, were also released on the directives of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. He directed all the judges to solve the pending cases as soon as possible so that common man could get speedy justice. He directed the Punjab Secretary, Javed Mehmood to upgrade the scales of jail staffers and increase their salaries. APP adds: The Deputy Inspector General of Prisons apprised the Chief Justice that in pursuance of directives issued by him (Chief Justice) on the eve of his visit to the Kot Lakhpat Jail Lahore, release of the prisoners has been streamlined and many persons who were confined on account of non-payment of fine/Diyat have been released on payment of the same by NGOs/Philanthropists on behalf of the prisoners in the recent past and this time only few cases of same matters were pending. The Capital City Police Officer Rawalpindi, the Deputy Inspector General of Prisons, the Director Reclamation and Probationers/Parole officers of Rawalpindi district, the Sessions Judges Islamabad and Rawalpindi, all the Judicial Officers/Magistrates of Rawalpindi/Islamabad, the Registrar and other officers of Supreme Court of Pakistan, the Additional Registrar and other officers of the Lahore High Court Rawalpindi Bench were also present during the visit. It was informed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan that the condition of the prisons has been improved in compliance with the direction of him and the requisite food items are being provided to prisoners. The Director Reclamation and Probationers/Parole Officers of Rawalpindi district were directed to make recommendations to the authorities in regular basis regarding release of prisoners on parole/probation and pursue the same. The Chief Justice also held the Kachehry in the jail auditorium where prisoners of general categories were present who were heard for redressal of the grievances. The prisoners also presented applications to Chief Justice of Pakistan raising different grievances who heard the prisoners at length and issued directions at the spot to release eight prisoners who were detained in petty offenses. In some matters, directions were issued to the Capital City Police Officer Rawalpindi to complete the challan within 24 hours and jail authorities were directed to ensure the production of the prisoners before the concerned Court and Judicial officers/Magistrates/District and Sessions Judges Rawalpindi/Islamabad. The judicial officers were directed to pass the appropriate orders after applying judicial mind in the facts and circumstances of the case in accordance with law and fix the cases of those prisoners immediately on opening of the courts after Eid holidays for their release on personal bond who could not be released due to non-availability of sureties. The Chief Justice assured prisoners that all the cases of prisoners pending before the Lahore High Court or the Supreme Court would be fixed and expedited. The Chief Justice also visited the barracks of the women prisoners and passed orders on the applications received from them at the spot. During the visit the Chief Justice of Pakistan also met prisoners who were under treatment in the jail hospital and inquired from them about the provision of adequate medical treatment/availability of medicines etc and directed the Jail authorities/Medical Officer of the jail to give proper treatment for their recovery. The prisoners thanked the Chief Justice of Pakistan for paying visit to them especially on the eve of Eid and listening to their grievances and passing directions whereby relief was provided to certain prisoners on the spot while others will get in due course. The Chief Justice also distributed food items among the prisoners on behalf of a philanthropist.