KARACHI - The Sindh Finance Department has opposed a proposal, aims at allocating separate budget for the newly created Coal and Energy Department (C&E), officials told The Nation on Wednesday. Sources said that the Coal and Energy Department Secretary by proposing separate budgetary allocation has sent a summary to the finance department. Though, the Finance Department supports the creation of the new Coal and Energy Department, but opposing separate allocations, suggesting that the functioning of the new department be executed through the existing staff of the Mines and Mineral Department. According to the officials concerned, the Finance Department Secretary has termed the creation of a separate Coal and Energy Development Department as vital keeping in view the recent energy shortage in the country and in particular power crisis in Sindh despite availability of large coal reserves. However, the Finance Department further said that other tasks to create enabling environment for private sector investment and to coordinate with various federal and provincial agencies, and interact with potential investors can be handed over to this department. In order to formulate a comprehensive 'Energy policy for Sindh and 'the way forward to exploit the untapped renewable and non-renewable resources of energy in Sindh, Finance department has recommended that technical experts in the private sector may be hired by this new department. However, instead of forwarding the financial support to the new department, the finance department suggested that for the time being to make Coal and Energy Development Department operational and to provide urgently required manpower, finances and infrastructure, the Power Wing of Irrigation and Power Department and Alternative Energy Wing of the Environment Department may be merged with it, sources said. Finance department further proposes that Sindh Government Rule of Business 1986 may be amended for merging the above referred wings of Irrigation and power and Environment Department with the Coal and Energy Development Department. In reply to create new posts in new department suggested by the Secretary Mines and Mineral and Alternative energy Department, the Finance Department further proposed that the existing human and financial resources of above referred wings may be transferred to the Coal and Energy Development Department in order to minimise the burden on the public exchequer. Finance department further said that actual requirement of resources would be worked out later on with the new department, after merger of budgets, as government machinery must not expand unnecessarily. Furthermore, in order to make newly created Coal and Energy Department functional, the Secretary of Mines and Mineral, Coal and Energy Department in a communiquT to the Finance Department suggested that it is imperative that at least essential posts of one Additional Secretary, two Deputy Secretaries, four section officers and four technical officers each in Coal, Alternative energy and Power section may be sanctioned to make this initiative of Chief Minister in reality. In this regard, the Coal and Energy Department required seed money of Rs100 million till such time formal budget for the department is approved, so that the department is established on urgent basis. The amount can be met from the block allocation kept for development of Thar Coal. The summary for sharing offices space with That Coal and Energy Board (TCEB) is already in process and permission to get the Coal and Energy Department accommodated along with TCEB secretariat will strengthen newly created department to a great extent. Meanwhile, the Sindh Chief Secretary is of the view that at the inception of the new Coal and Energy Department, it was implied that the department shall be dealing with the energy related from coal and, mining of coal only, sources said, adding that the extending of jurisdiction over the energy from the other sources in favour of coal and energy department is neither desirable nor advisable.