MUMBAI - Questioning FICA's silence over the recent WIPA - WICB row on payment and contract terms, Indian batting legend Sunil Gavaskar has lashed out at the Tim May headed players' association. In a syndicated fortnightly column written last Sunday, Sunny raised objections about the fact that FICA intervened in the BCCI - WADA imbroglio over the anti- doping "whereabout clause" but has remained silent on the WIPA - WICB issue. The batting legend alleges that the FICA flexes its muscles when it comes to India but has remained strangely mum in the WIPA-WICB row. "Not for a moment does one doubt the need for a players' body. But, unless it is a strong one that has the players' and the game's best interests at heart, it will only be a disruptive body", SMG has said.When this correspondent sought Tim May's, the FICA CEO, views, he said, "I have the utmost respect for Sunil as a cricketer. I do not think it appropriate for me to comment on Sunil's "unsubstantiated" comments".Tim May, however, further added, "FICA and its members are very satisfied that at all times we act in the interests of the game and players". Not many people are aware of the fact that FICA intervened when Kenya's Maurice Odumbe was asked to pay the ICC USD 10000 towards court charges. FICA intervened on humanitarian ground and saw that the court fees was waived off even though Maurice Odumbe or any of the Kenyan team members are not a part of the FICA..