ISLAMABAD Following Chinese Premier Wen Jiabaos announcement that China will, on top of the pledged assistance, provide another $ 200 million assistance to Pakistan, a spokesperson of Chinese Embassy in Islamabad said the Chinese government currently is in the process of preparing for the delivery of the humanitarian aid based on Pakistans needs. The spokesperson told journalists on Thursday that newly announced aid will help Pakistan to support its rescue and relief efforts and helping the Pakistanis rebuild homeland. The spokesperson especially mentioned Chinese role in helping Pakistan in the aftermath of flood. In light of the great loss of lives and property inflicted by the floods that have hit Pakistan since late July, China, as Pakistans close neighbour and all-weather friend, feels as much pain as the brotherly country does and has offered sincere, timely and unconditional assistance to the flood-hit brotherly country, said the spokesperson. He said that the new pledge announced by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao made Chinas total assistance to Pakistan exceed $250 million at the moment. It is pertinent to mention here that China was amongst the few countries which promptly sent their assistance and teams to help victims of flood in Pakistan. On September 20, a PLA 68-member medical rescue team carrying 80 tons of medicine and other relief goods reached Pakistan. The team is at the Sehwan area of Sindh province right now providing medical treatment to the flood-stricken people there. 20 members of the team are female who are more convenient to offer medical service to the women and children, a record high in PLAs foreign medical aid history. In total, China has sent to Pakistan some 200 doctors and paramedics in three medical rescue teams by now, a record high in Chinas foreign medical rescue history. Spokesperson of Chinese Embassy said China and Pakistan as true friends have always stood together and supported each other in times of need. Despite its own severe natural disasters, China has provided timely, efficient, sincere and generous assistance to Pakistan to the best of its capability. And we have not attached any conditions to our assistance or asked for anything in return. Nor have we taken our own natural disasters as the excuse to escape, he added. It is important to mention here that China, recently, has suffered a lot from natural disasters such as floods and landslides whose damages are much more severe than in previous years. According to statistics, this year 27 out of the 34 provincial areas in China were hit by floods which affected more than 110 million people, 7,002 hectares of crops and caused about $21.3b in direct economic losses. He said that facts have shown once again that China and Pakistan are true friends sharing weal and woe. China, still a developing country and suffered from severe natural disasters as mentioned above, lends a helping hand to the brotherly neighbour (Pakistan) because we value our friendship with Pakistan and we have done so out of an international humanitarian spirit, the spokesperson told reporters. He said China will continue to closely follow the flood situation in Pakistan and provide sincere and selfless support and assistance to it within the realm of its capabilities, in accordance with the rehabilitation and reconstruction needs of Pakistan. China will send a reconstruction survey team to the disaster zone in the near future and encourage and support the active participation of Chinese enterprises in the reconstruction efforts, he added. We will cooperate with relevant Pakistan agencies and provide training in disaster prevention and reduction to boost Pakistans capacity for early warning and disaster response, said the spokesperson. We are convinced that under the leadership of the Pakistan government and with the unremitting efforts of the relevant parties in the country and with the strong help and support of the international community, the diligent and brave Pakistan people will prevail over the difficulties and rebuild their homeland at an early date.