These are a few questions the PPP needs to answer without the usual beating about the bush which is the norm of our politics. Why and how would democracy be 'jeopardized in Pakistan, as they say, if the present government is voted out in the National Assembly and fresh elections are called? Democracy is all about this process. The governments come and go, it is the exercise of free will of the people that is important for peoples will must hold sway if it is a democracy. That is what has happened in almost all democracies of the world. Mid-term election happen all the time at some places, and sometimes whenever there is a need be at other places. Why, then, is the PPP Information Secretary so emphatic on this that Pakistan would, God forbid, fall apart if the PPP government falls? Question No 2. Why is the present regime so flagrantly violating the SC judgments? Why and how was Adnan Khawaja appointed a Chairman of the OGDC? Why are procedures, rules and regulations being ignored and so openly too? Why cant media or press criticize and open the lid on thousands of corruption scams that are happening in this government? And, pray, do tell us what do they mean by this mandate of five years which is being parroted by rote adnauseum? Does that mean we have to wait for another two and a half years more for things to improve? With the speed of the fall that this country is having because of present regime, there may not be a Pakistan after those two and a half years. We have to do something before it is too late, if it is not too late already. -AMJAD H. MIRZA, Lahore, September 23.