According to a US official, America has seen North Korea transferring technology to Iran. There is nothing strange about the seeing. Nature has endowed America with a unique pair of eyes. These eyes are capable of seeing everything happening anywhere in the world. Let alone the outer surface of the earth, the eyes can see even what is going on deep under the earths surface. America firmly believes that its eyes never lie to it. Once American eyes saw weapons of mass destruction which Saddam was hiding somewhere. Ironically, the weapons were not visible even to Saddam himself. But American eyes saw the weapons absolutely indubitably. In order to capture the weapons, America occupied Iraq. Saddam was hanged. But not a single weapon was captured. Probably, Saddam had the weapons in his pockets which he took with him to his grave. If America wants to know which country is doing what, it has just to order its eyes to report. The eyes would report every single activity of the country to their master. What a marvellously dutiful pair of eyes North Korea and Iran must know that they are on Americas Death List. And they must also know that American eyes have greater seeing power than all the telescopes and microscopes of the world have. Unless American eyes get infected with some serious ocular disease, North Koreas and Irans very existence would keep hanging in the balance. Iran is an extremely religious state. It should pray to God that something should go wrong with American eyes. Unfortunately, North Korea is a secular state. It cant seek any divine assistance. Since 9/11, American eyes have been seeing Osama wandering about in the Afghan mountains. America has been bombing the mountains. But the mountains have been protecting Osama. American eyes have been informing America correctly about Osamas mountainous whereabouts. But it is the mountains which are the real bastards. America can destroy the Afghan mountains. But America suspects that if it destroyed all the Afghan mountains, Osama would run to the mountains of some other regions. Unfortunately for America, there are mountains and mountains everywhere in the world. In order to ensure Osamas extinction, America would have to transmute all the mountains of the world into dust. It would be like transmuting the entire solar system into dust which is an absolute impossibility. Thus, Osama must be grateful to the mountains for his survival. But America must be cursing the mountains for being pro-Osama and anti-America. Lets forget about American eyes and have a look at American ears. There is something extremely strange about American ears. There are certain sounds which American ears hear loud and clear. But there are certain other sounds which the ears dont hear at all. Here is an example. If North Korea or Iran explodes some device, the sound of the explosion to American ears would be many times larger than the actual sound. How unbelievably sensitive American ears are to a North Korean or Iranian explosion. But when Israel bombs the Palestinian women and children and their cries hit the skies, American ears neither hear the sound of the Israeli explosions, nor the cries of the Palestinians. America hears what it wants to hear and does not hear what it does not want to hear. American ears are extremely loyal slaves of their master. Israel has been blasting innocent Palestinians for decades. It has been butchering human rights for decades in Palestine. America claims itself to be an advocate of human rights. But it does not believe that Israels killing of the Palestinians is a butchery of human rights. America has a reason. To American eyes, the Palestinians dont look like genuine human beings. They look like fake human beings. And fake human beings dont have any human rights. They must be destroyed as fake currency notes are destroyed. Unless some miracle changes American eyes, the Palestinians miserable plight cannot change. The writer is an academic.