Switching to a television channel of Pakistan, I was saddened to find target killing, fire, arson, bloodshed let loose again in Karachi. l also found Mr Farooq Sattar blaming the PPPfederal government and Interior Ministry of SindhMQMs coalition partners. They might have their own reasons to say so now but the pertinent question is why doesnt MQM resign from federal and Sindh governments if they know their senior coalition partners are jeopardizing the peace in Karachi and are responsible for these target killings? The test of MQMs integrity is to show they wish to see a change for the better in Pakistan. For that, they have to leave the PPP and join the aspirants of change. Perhaps they should themselves bring a vote of no-confidence against PPP and Mr Zardari to set this country free from the worst of deterioration going on for the last three years. One assumes the MQM wants country to be under a 'martial law-type set up. If they do, why did not they accept the earlier call of ANP for a 'limited martial law in Karachi to end bloodshed in the city? The country is sinking and it is a patriotic duty of MQM to leave PPP and make an alliance with PML-N & PML-Q to get rid of this government. MQMs real test is now. -NOORUDIN, Paris, September 23.