LAHORE - Kot Lakhpat Jail Superintendent appeared in the court of Additional District Sessions Judge on Thursday and submitted his written 'apologise in the court for not responding to the court despite repeated notices in a murder case for producing the accused required for the proceedings, as the case was registered in the Factory Area Police Station, Lahore. In the last notice which was served to the Kot Lakhpat Jail Superintendent, the arrest warrants of Superintendent were mentioned for not producing the accused Amjad Ali required to the court for the proceedings of the murder case. The Superintendent explained to the court on Thursday that his lower staffers had not informed him about the repeated notices of the court for producing the accused Amjad Ali in the court. The Superintendent also said that he had taken the action against responsible lower staffers even by suspending a police constable namely Muhammad Younis who did not inform him about the court orders. Both the Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent of Kot Lakhpat Jail appeared in the court of Chaudhry Ameer Khan on the fixed date for appearing in the court on September 23. Judge Chaudhry Ameer Khan accepted the written apologise of the Superintendent, as the accused Amjad Ali was also produced before the court who was present in the Jail.