KARACHI - Leaders of various political and religious parties on Thursday said that Kashmir was the integral part of Pakistan and urged the government to avoid the appeasement policy. The All Parties Conference (APC) was organised by Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi at Idara-e-Noor Haq entitled Awakening of Kashmiris and Indian Atrocities. Jamaat-e-Islami Sindh chief Asadullah Bhutto, PML-N Sindh chief organiser Saleem Zia, NPP leader Zia Abbas, JUP central vice president Siddique Rathore, Subhan Ali Sahil of PTI, Mir Nawaz Khan Marwat of PML, Matloob Qadri of ST, Mufti Usman Yar Khan of JUI-S, Muhammad Hussain Mehanti of JI and others addressed on the occasion. The APC salutes to the people of Kashmir over waging valiant struggle against the Indian occupation and called upon the Pakistan government to extend full support to the Kashmiris Indians, Quit Kashmir movement. JI Sindh chief Asadullah Bhutto said that historically Kashmir was the part of Sindh and Sindh was the province of Pakistan. Kashmir is the integral part of Pakistan not India. He urged the United Nations and international community to impose sanctions on India over the atrocities of Indian forces on Kashmiris and to force India to withdraw its 0.8 million forces from occupied Kashmir. He said Pervez Musharrafs U-turn on Kashmir issue gave a wrong message to the Kashmiris. He urged the government to revive its principle stance on national policy on Kashmir issue. He advised the government to decide the policy on Kashmir with the help of national parties in Senate and National Assembly to mobilise the nation and world at large on this issue. He assured support to the freedom struggle of Kashmiri people and said that people of Pakistan were with their Kashmiri brothers. Speakers said that the popular uprising in India occupied Kashmir and the sacrifices being offered by the Kashmiris were unmatched. Indian forces had failed to crush the freedom movement despite indiscriminate use of force. Determination shown by the Kashmiris during the last four months has proved that they wont accept any solution of the Kashmir issue other than free, fair and impartial plebiscite. They said the Indian governments attitude towards the Kashmiris was most condemnable and international community should take notice of it. Deploring Pakistan governments silence and indifference over the indiscriminate killings of the Kashmiris by the Indian army, they called for mobilising the Pakistan embassies all over the world for a vigorous movement in support of Kashmiris right to self determination and persuading the world community to honour its commitment to the Kashmiris. They also advised New Delhi to see the writing on the wall and allow the Kashmiris the right to self determination under the UN resolutions. Moreover, APC members passed a resolution in which they demanded the government to immediately summon the United Nations meeting to stop the Indian atrocities on Kashmiris. The conference asked the government of Pakistan to contact US administration and urged the US to play its role in resolving the Kashmir dispute.