ISLAMABAD - The process of issuing Watan Cards to flood affected people for distributing Rs 20,000 per family among them as relief cash grant is creating disturbance and disappointment among the affectees as a number of names are missing in the prepared list. There was not only the issue of short number of centres to issue Watan Cards (prepared from NADRA list) among the flood affectees but the mismanagement on the part of concerned authorities has also become a serious problem. According to the unconfirmed report, around 20 to 25 percent names of the flood affectees are missing in the Watan Card list, which has further increased woes and worries of already troubled people of Punjab Province. In some of the areas where damaged houses are relatively in smaller numbers, hundreds of cards are allegedly being issued and thus depriving affectees of other areas, whose names are not mentioned in the newly prepared list, of their due right. According to the Governments policy, Watan Card will be issued to 20 million flood affectees with the cooperation of the Provincial Governments. Watan Cards are just like ATM cards and the bank will issue them to the applicants, which will be operational after verification of credentials from the NADRA database. Requesting not to be named, one flood-affected person from Southern Punjab commented that the clumsy process of issuing cards could be borne but non-issuance of card among the affectees was fast becoming a big trouble for many people. There are a large number of confirmed cases where flood victims are deprived of Watan Cards despite being the worst affectees. An aged man Allah Dad (having eight members in his family), resident of Moza Daya Chokha Sharki (Kot Addu), when reached at a centre to receive his Watan Card was informed by the concerned authority that his name was not in the list so he could not be issued this card. The name of another aged man Sheikh Ahmad (Tehsil Kot Addu), who has four married sons (Sajjad, Fiyaz, Allah Rakha, Yaqub) with their families, was also not mentioned in the Watan Card list and he was told no immediate way to include his name to get Watan Card. Qari Shabbir from Sanawan village (Kot Addu) is also victim of mismanagement on the part of concerned authorities. These are only some of the examples of the mismanagement and it is fact that affectees are facing many hardships to get relief cards. Sources said that not more than 20 houses of Watta Khail (Mianwali) village were damaged due to flash flood but hundred of Watan Cards had reportedly been issued there. Requesting correction in the prepared list, the affected people said that immediate and proper measures should be taken to solve this matter so that already troubled people could get some relief.