ISLAMABAD Brushing aside remarks of the Spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs of India on the resolutions passed by both Houses of Parliament of Pakistan on the situation in Indian Kashmir, Pakistan reiterated on Thursday that Jammu and Kashmir is an international issue and subject of several UN resolutions. Spokesperson of Foreign Office Abdul Basit expressed concerns over violations of human rights in Indian Kashmir and told reporters it was not just Pakistan but international community expressed concerns over the issue. Situation in Indian Kashmir is a matter of concern to the international community. The UN Secretary General has expressed concerns and called for an end to deadly violence in Kashmir. The OIC Secretary General has also called on India to take immediate steps to end violence against innocent people in Kashmir, Basit told reporters during the weekly press briefing held in premises of Foreign office. Basit informed the media men that the Amnesty International has asked India to ensure respect for the Kashmiri peoples right to life. India needs to take a fresh look at its unhelpful Kashmir policy. Pakistan is committed to finding a just and peaceful settlement of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute, and will continue extending its moral, diplomatic and political support to Kashmiris in their legitimate struggle against Indian occupation, said the spokesperson. Replying a question about Dr Afia Siddiquis case, Basit said that Pakistans Ambassador to the US was still in close contact with the senior officials of Obama Administration to secure her release. Replying another query, Basit said that the date of meeting between Foreign Ministers of Pakistan and India was not decided yet. APP adds: Pakistan Thursday said there were no foreign troops taking part in the counterterrorism operation inside the country. Commenting on the reports published in an American newspaper regarding the formation of Afghan paramilitary force to fight terrorists in Pakistan, Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit, while addressing the weekly press briefing, said, We will never allow any foreign boots on our soil and this is one of our redlines and the international community, including the US, knows about it. He said, I can tell you there are no foreign troops taking part in counterterrorism operations inside Pakistan. Replying to a question, the spokesman said Pakistan was ready to resume talks with India but these should be meaningful, result-oriented and comprehensive. Replying to another question about Pak-China nuclear cooperation, the spokesman said, Our civil nuclear cooperation with China is ongoing and that is in accordance with our respective international obligations and under relevant IAEA safeguards. Objections, if any, are therefore incongruent. About the efforts to tackle flood situation, he said the international community had started understanding the enormity of floods and the resultant devastation. The Spokesman said Pakistan was planning a donors conference in Islamabad in November within the framework of the Pakistan Development Forum while a ministerial meeting of the Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FoDP) was scheduled next month in Brussels. The Spokesman said under the given circumstances and limitations, the govt institutions had done a remarkable job. We are not saying that there were no loopholes. There are loopholes but the govt is moving in the right direction to plug them and taking steps, which are necessary in order to cope with the situation and rehabilitate over 20 million people affected by these floods, he added.