These days, I am busy doing a logic based exercise, the results of which are causing me no small concern. Now before I am branded as someone, who sees ghosts where there are none, let me state that inputs for my exercise are based on hard circumstantial information and that anyone processing this data, is more than likely to draw conclusions much similar to mine. The basic platform for my thought process is the premise that Pakistan is under attack. It is under attack because its geo-strategic position, its natural resources and above all else, its nuclear status rankles our enemies. These enemies have formed a coalition that draws strength from Chanakya at one point of the compass and Machiavelli at the other. Having lost the opportunity for direct external aggression because of the deterrence that is now in place, these enemies have decided to undo Pakistan by indirect means. Their strategy is based on isolating the country and its people, destroying national pride and morale, weaken the will to withstand tribulation, create internal disunity and then simply walk over a nation that is lifeless for all purposes. These enemies have powerful weapons at their disposal. These weapons exploit any number of the seven deadly sins to generate dissent, chaos and fear in the name of religion, ethnicity or politics. The internal threat thus generated, fuels itself in a vicious cycle becoming ever-larger, till it effectively conceals the actual puppet masters. The other weapon in the hands of powers that want to see Pakistans demise has been supplied by none other than ourselves, through apathy, lack of imagination, bankruptcy of passion and a tendency to maintain status quo. We have consequently become collaborators facilitating the continuing success of our enemies exterior manoeuvre. Canny and resourceful, our adversaries have woven a net of events that has brought them ever closer to their final objective. They have managed to stereotype the Pakistani image as synonymous with extremism, terrorism and corruption. The Kashmir issue, where we had consistently stood on a moral high ground, has been effectively compromised and the Kashmiri freedom movement branded as 'cross border terrorism in the eyes of the world. The Kargil episode was manipulated in a manner that Pakistan became the evil aggressor in spite of three armed incursions by the Indian army during the preceding years within the same northern sector. In their pursuit of comprehensively isolating Pakistan, our enemies have now struck at a spot that has impacted directly on Pakistans image and public morale - cricket. First, the Sri Lankan team was attacked in Lahore, effectively ousting Pakistan as a venue for matches. Then the cutting edge of our team was blunted by the spot-fixing scandal, to be followed by the latest dope testing of four of our players. And now the latest farce. The Pakistani team is being accused by the rag known as Sun, of match-fixing in the third ODI that they won. If there was any fixing, then it is the English players who should be questioned for losing the match by not opting for the batting power play or crumbling before Umar Guls bowling. Accusations against our cricketers remind one of the Spanish Inquisition or the Salem Witch Hunt. I am not by even the remotest chance condoning the despicable act of fixing matches - I am only saying that if a purge has to take place, it should also be directed with equivalent passion at teams of other cricketing nations. The Pakistani public has the right to ask the ICC as to why havent members of the English team been subjected to dope testing or investigation as to the manner in which they lost the third ODI. Failure to satisfy Pakistanis will strengthen the view that the English media and the ICC are both a part of the larger conspiracy against Pakistan. The writer is a freelance columnist.