LAHORE - The PPP is playing no role in the formulation of policies being pursued by the PML-N-led coalition in Punjab, but it will still continue to stay in the set-up as parting of ways will trigger a confrontation between the opposition and the government, whose reverberations will be felt all around, destabilising the system, a senior PPP leader, who is also senior minister in the cabinet, said here on Thursday. Raja Riaz said it was not the love for ministerial posts that PPP was not quitting the Punjab cabinet despite several 'requests by PML (N) leadership, but the likely consequences of such a step were major consideration. He was speaking at Nawa-i-Waqt and TheNation Forum after his morning meeting with Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on the directive of President Asif Zardari. The minister hoped after his meeting with the chief minister the situation would improve and an atmosphere of reconciliation would prevail in the country. Raja Riaz said his party could not claim credit for the policies being implemented in Punjab. But we can certainly claim credit for keeping the Punjab government in place. He said if PPP quit the coalition and sat on opposition benches, there would be a clash between the two major parties, whose effects would be seen at the center and in other provinces. This, he said, would provide the conspirators an opportunity to exploit the situation and destabilise the system. He said after the meeting there was no justification whatsoever with the PML-N leadership to seek the ouster of the government even through democratic means. He hoped now the federal and the provincial governments would complete their term. Answering a question, he said it was true the federal and the provincial governments had not come up to peoples expectations, but said it was so because a lot of time and energy had to be spent on combating terrorism and extremism and dealing with situations created by floods and earthquake. If stability of the set-up is taken as a justification for PPP to remain part of the coalition, then MQM should not have been with the federal government after its leaderships call for military intervention, he was told. The minister said the mistake (of making the statement) had been made by MQM, not PPP. He indicated PPP would like to keep its relationship with MQM intact. He said the PPP ministers enjoyed no powers in Punjab. However, he said, their performance was 'ideal if measured against their 'powerlessness Raja Riaz said it augured well the leaders of PPP and PML-N had declared categorically not to accept any extra-constitutional step. He said if somebody brought about a no-confidence motion against the prime minister, PPP would face it in a constitutional manner. Answering a question, he said, PPP respected the Supreme Court decisions and would not like to involve itself in any confrontation.