The Indus has always been an unruly river during summers. The British were only interested in building canals and never in using water to generate power because the imperial policy was to never let the colonized people industrialize. That is why they always opted for erecting barrages instead of dams. This year, seemingly due to machinations of the unknown, tremendous destruction has been caused by a surge of Indus waters that has literally swept off huge chunks of populations of south Punjab and Sindh, both PPP majority areas by co-incidence. One is forced to suspect foul play because in the recorded history of this area, the 1955 floods had been 1.25 million cusecs compared to the recent floods of 1 million cusecs. Strangely enough, no damage of the present magnitude occurred at that time? Moreover, the West bank of Indus at Taunsa, since the beginning, has been earmarked for breaches in case of water reaching dangerous levels but it was not breached when needed this year for some mysterious reasons. As a result, the eastern bank of Indus simply gave way to the intensity of ferocious currents inundating the whole Muzaffargarh district. The top suspected reason for this major lapse is the influence of the local political figures of various opposing parties, each trying to sully name of his rivals and, some say, the destabilizing tactics of our secret agencies. The agencies were already making a case for presence of Taliban in this region. What could be done to stop these periodic inundations? Nothing unless we could build four dams on Indus as big as Tarbela dam. But the foreign and local vested interests would never let that happen. -ALI MUHAMMAD, Muzaffargarh, September 21.