ISLAMABAD - A spokesman of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Council Secretariat said that the strike call by an unregistered association, recently formed on behest of senior Acting Additional Commissioners by some Income Tax Employees in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, had failed. The strike was unsuccessful because some of the office bearers did not take part in it, the spokesman added. The spokesman said, It is not correct that the Council Secretariat inducted Muha-mmad Iqbal, an official of FBR as Assistant Commissioner. In fact, Muhammad Iqbal has only been posted as Taxation Officer. Earlier he was working in the Council against BS-16 post on current charge basis. It is customary that in Pakistan Income Tax Department lower officials are posted in higher responsibilities as special officers. Moreover, as per Section 10 of the Civil Servants Act 1973, duly adapted by AJ&K Council Secretariat, an employee is liable to serve against any post. Therefore, temporary posting of Muha-mmad Iqbal in Income Tax Department of AJK would not affect seniority or promotion opportunities of the employees of Income Tax Department. There is a shortage of qualified officers in the Income Tax Department, AJK, therefore, Iqbal, who is an experienced employee was posted in the Department and he produced good results. Due to Iqbals outstanding performance as Taxation Officer (BS-16) in Companies Circle, the revenue of circle was doubled within a short span.