ISLAMABAD Three US agencies, apparently working in humanitarian sector, have managed to pave way for hundreds of 'auditors' on the pretext of flood relief activities into Pakistan, TheNation has learnt. Official sources said that Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilanis reservations regarding the use of humanitarian funds by international non-governmental organisations (INGOs) resulting in huge logistic costs, were necessitated due to the Governments inability to stop the unchecked arrivals of US Marines and spies impersonating as humanitarian workers. Of the three humanitarian agencies that are reportedly transporting US spies to Pakistan, one has received much criticism for meddling in Pakistans administrative affairs, in recent past. The so-called humanitarian agency was found involved in serious misappropriations of humanitarian funds allocated for South Waziristans Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). It also attempted to by-pass Pakistans education and information ministries earlier this year while trying to promote a US-sponsored educational programme in Pakistan. As result of the agencys reckless intrusion into Pakistans affairs, Federal Information Secretary Mansoor Sohail had to take a strong stand against this move. The other humanitarian agency reportedly following the US hidden agenda in Pakistan, is also a renowned one but it was not involved in any controversies in Pakistan. The third of them only exists in papers. It does not have any practical presence in humanitarian sector and official sources said that this 'INGO was created last year by the US only to monitor and contemplate espionage in Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, North and South Wazirsitan and tribal belt located at the skirts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Previously, the arrival of the US Marines and spies was carried out under the umbrella of Office of Defence Representative to Pakistan (ODR-P). After TheNation had exposed the entire practice, the US Marines and spies now impersonate themselves as humanitarian workers affiliated with the three humanitarian agencies to help flood victims. Strangely, the US has pledged $151 million to the Government of Pakistan while it pledged only $10 million to United Nations that is focal organisation for providing humanitarian assistance to Pakistan. The $151 million were pledged through United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and as already pointed out in this newspaper, not more than 20 percent of the aforesaid pledge would be materialised and that too, on different conditions. Earlier this year, the Pakistani Government had taken somehow tougher stance by stopping the issuance of Pakistani visas to the US auditors. But after the US Government literally blackmailed Pakistan by stopping payments under Coalition Support Fund (CSF) and delayed humanitarian aid for the flood affectees, the US 'humanitarian workers and 'auditors have finally succeeded to arrive in Pakistan, as pressure mounts on Pakistan Army to jump into North Waziristan. One such 'humanitarian worker who reportedly works for Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was exposed by TheNation in its story Another FBI agent exposed dated last September 15. Keith B Winter, the FBI spy about whom the same story was published, reportedly arrived in Pakistan earlier in August this year on the pretext of monitoring US-sponsored aid programmes for the flood affectees. Winter uses the email domain keith. winter@ from Islamabad.