With Dr Aafia Siddiqui completing one year out of her 86 year jail term in a US prison cell, the campaign in Pakistan for her release by ordinary citizens as well as her family has gained momentum. Her mother has revealed that Dr Aafia is kept under inhuman conditions; her jail cell is six feet long and she is not even allowed to recite the Holy Quran. A heavy sum of $4700 was charged for a short telephonic conservation with her. So far, the US government has rebuffed all appeals for her release despite the fact that evidence against her is so weak that it makes a travesty of justice even under the US criminal justice system. The thing to note is that she had only allegedly pointed a gun at US marines in Afghanistan without killing anybody and the US courts awarded her a harsh sentence of 86 years. Compare this with Raymond Davis, who had killed two of our innocent citizens, but was safely repatriated to the US. On the one hand, we are letting American killers go scot-free and on the other, the US is punishing our citizens for merely being Muslims. The government must put pressure on the US to repatriate her to Pakistan, where she would have the opportunity to be with her family. The issue is furthermore a source of fuelling anti-Americanism in the country and severely damages Washingtons credibility in the world.