The speech of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the UN General Assembly on Thursday was remarkable for the force with which it overturned many of the presumptions underlying modern history, and thus the motives of action of modern states. His provoking of walkouts by the Western nations may have indicated American frustration at his presence, for the USA, as he mentioned in his speech, was behind an attempt to overthrow him over Irans nuclear programme. By lumping the Holocaust of World War II, which underlies the blind Western support of Israel and its illegal occupation of Palestine, with 9/11, and its use by the West as an excuse for the launch of a new crusade in the shape of the war on terror, President Ahmadinejad used the world forum to proclaim a revision of the two greatest myths of the modern era, on which the New World Order is based. The UN has in recent years been merely used by the USA as a rubberstamp for its depredations in the rest of the world. President Ahmadinejad said that the USA had threatened him after he had called for an independent investigation into the 9/11 attacks after alleging that the USA was involved. The reference to the Holocaust was particularly apposite, in a session seized of the Palestinian application for membership which faced a US veto under Israeli pressure. President Ahmadinejads casting of doubt on the Americans killing Osama bin Laden was of a piece with this, as was his characterisation of the West as using hypocrisy and deceit in securing its 'interets and imperialistic goal, as well as drug trafficking and killing innocents. However, his drawing of parallels between the Holocaust and 9/11 makes his speech of interest to historians of the age as a whole rather than specialists in these two events. His speech would be of as much interest to historians as to Foreign Offices, but it shows something that it seems the Pakistani political elite finds impossible to understand, that the American alliance must be abandoned at once.