I am a regular reader of Mail Box of Daily The Nation. The write ups in Mail Box from Dr Muhammad Yaqoob Bhatti on Kalabagh Dam (KBD) have been an eye opener in real sense of the word. He has written hundreds of letters highlighting technical and political aspects in favour of construction of KBD. In his letters he has quoted national and international expert opinions in support of KBD, but unfortunately there is no movement for construction of this vital reservoir. Dr Bhatti in his letters has analysed number of times that construction of KBD will not adversely affect availability of water for irrigation in Sindh and KP. The devastating floods have now proved that if there would have been dams throughout the country the flood water could have been contained for the purpose of generation of electricity and irrigation of crops. Despite knowing all benefits which can accrue from KBD the vested interest are bent upon opposing construction of KBD. It is a pity that we had dictatorships ruling over this country in the past. They simply ignored the issue. Democratic governments also were motivated by their political interests. Interestingly Dr Bhatti has compiled all his letters in a book which is a valuable document regarding KBD. KBD is a national cause which is being made a political issue without any ground realities. Chief Justice of Pakistan has been very kind to take suo moto action regarding national issues. KBD is also an important national issue which unfortunately has become victim of political tug of war. The Chief Justice of Pakistan may kindly take suo moto action on the Kalabagh Dam issue or constitute a Judicial Commission so that this crucial national imbroglio is resolved before it is too late. DR BASHIR MAHMOOD BHATTI Islamabad, September 23.