In the last couple of days we have seen the politicisation of dengue virus. It just draws our attention to the fact that we cannot be united as a nation even in times of calamities. The most horrifying of the developments was a question that some people have been asking i.e. what has Imran Khan done for the patients suffering from dengue fever. With all due respect I have a simple question i.e. 'what was Imran Khans responsibility in the first place? Imran Khan is amongst the few people who have given to the country rather than rob it. He as an individual has already done a lot for the country by setting up the first cancer centre. Not in the last 16 years has any government or private hospital been able to do what Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre has accomplished. It is the symbol of hope for all the people who suffer from cancer and the ultimate example of what we as a nation can accomplish if we set our mind to it. It is not his responsibility to provide healthcare to the entire Pakistani population and it is unfair and irrational to expect a specialised charity cancer Hospital to abandon its cancer patients to cover up for the governments ultimate mismanagement. Still the hospital and its lab is providing dengue test facilities all over Punjab at Rs. 80/- only. I just hope that these critics learn the value of this institution before they may actually need it. SAIMA KHAN, Lahore, September 23.