The National Disaster Management Authoritys report on Thursday that two million people are suffering from diseases like malaria, diarrhoea and skin infections shows the kind of devastation the floods have visited on the country. The NDMA officials also stated that the destruction caused by floods is much more than last years flooding. However at the same time an official also revealed that the lack of coordination between various agencies was making matters worse. This is quite sad because it is only timely and coordinated effort that can help mitigate the suffering of the victims and prevent the loss of precious lives. Indeed reports on electronic media also confirm that rescue and relief efforts are so sloppy and slow to such an extent that still a very large number of the victims are without food, shelter and medical supplies. So far, out of the total sum of $357 million that the UN and our government had appealed to the international community only $10 million has been pledged by the Japanese government. Indeed press reports, quoting PML-N President Mian Nawaz Sharif, say that Rs 29 billion collected for flood victims during the last year have still not being spent because of governments reluctance is most shocking. What it would be that the government plans to spend this money on, if not on the victims? This money must be immediately released and spent to boost the ongoing relief operations.