300 workers died in a factory in Karachi last week, an anti-Islam film was discovered on Youtube and a French magazine showed caricatures of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) a few days later. And what do Muslims around the world do? We decide that burning our buildings and cars, burning tyres on the roads and destroying property worth millions is the best way to vent our frustration. Pakistan’s government announced a public holiday to celebrate the ‘love of the Prophet’ (PBUH), why? Just to give our population another day for violent demonstrations and our police a chance to use teargas shells? We claim to love a man, who was, no doubt, the best among all mankind, and an example for us to follow, yet, we act in an uncivilized ways. We need to realise that the reason for the production of such films and the printing of such caricatures is to provoke us and to prove that we are a violent and destructive religion. The US consulates all across the Muslim world are under attack, and yet, we forget that getting to that very same country turns out be the ultimate goal for most of us. It is time we learnt to face the truth about our hypocrisy and did something about it, before it’s too late. DR MOBEENA IHSAN, Karachi, September 22