PESHAWAR - The district administration has formed Project Oversight Committees (POC) for effective monitoring of small developmental schemes at village level carried out by Malakand Development Programme (MDP) in Dir Lower and Upper districts.

The Oversight Committees comprising over district administration & local community members aimed to ensure timely completion of uplift projects and to mobilize local communities to contribute in developmental schemes.

Special Capacity Building Trainings have been delivered to members of these Project Oversight Committees.

In Lower Dir 48 members while in Dir Upper 55 committees members got special trainings to enhance their skills.

The Oversight Committees will monitor the implementation process of developmental schemes in their respective localities and would also ensure quality work on project sites.

In case of any complaint against these schemes, they will immediately inform the district administration.

The community members appreciated the formation of such committees at village level and thanked the district administration for their support.    

Meanwhile, Pakistan Society of Criminology published the latest issue of Pakistan Journal of Criminology.

It is the only research-based journal on crimes, criminal justice and policing studies in Pakistan. The journal, which has already been recognised by the Higher Education Commission issued it latest Volume 3/No.4/ and Vol. 4/No.1. The current issue contains eleven (11) research papers from national and international scholars including articles from USA, UK, Thailand, India,Norway, Singapore, South Africa, and Pakistan.