KARACHI - The voluminous book on the lives and achievements of Maulana Muhammed Ali Jauhar and Maulana Shaukat Ali Jauhar will be launched on January 4, 2013 under the auspices of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology. This was stated by SSUET Chancellor Z A Nizami in a meeting with visiting noted peace activist, writer and critic from London, Sayeed Hasan Khan. Nizami said that launch of the book on January 4 will coincide with the “Jauhar Day” which the university observes every year. About 600-page book has been written by Khalid Alig, a prominent former diplomat, writer, journalist and thinker and a grandson of Jauhars who resides in the US. “Even at the age of 90, Khalid Alig still drives his car and goes to the gym”, Sayeed Hasan Khan told Nizami. He said no one else than Khalid Alig can throw light on the lives and achievements of Jauhar brothers in a more better and authentic way and its launch at a venue named after the great reformer and educationist Sir Syed Ahmed Khan would be the most appropriate occasion. Sayeed Hasan Khan, who is closest friend of Khalid Alig, lives in London for the last 50 years and as a writer he has produced two books namely “No clear hands”  and “Kurt Jacobsen – Parables of Permanent War”. Now a days he is writing a book based on his memoirs relating to the period of his migration from Bareli (India), association with Muslim Students Federation in his teenage and the events which occurred before shifting to UK in 1961. During meeting with Nizami, he also had an exchange of views with prominent Aligarians and members of Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys’ Association (AMUOBA).