ISLAMABAD - Several roads damaged and deteriorated as a result of monsoon rains in the Federal Capital need urgent maintenance by the concerned department of Capital Development Authority (CDA).

After the rains, different roads have broken and even big holes could be seen which pose not only a serious threat to the vehicles but also lives of their drivers.

According to a survey conducted by this agency here on Sunday, the road from NDC to 7-Up Chowk being used by heavy traffic presents an ugly look as it has been deteriorated and turned into pieces after the rains. “The condition of the entire road especially near the Islamabad Railway Station and I-10/3 industrial area is very bad and several vehicles have met with the accidents”,said Talha Nadeem, a motorist who lives in I-10/2 Sector and uses this road for attending his office in Blue Area. He said during the rain, the road turns into a pond and the drivers cannot spot the big holes in the roads and as a result they damage their vehicles.

The 10th Avenue near Metro Super Store and Sabzi Mandi police station has been broken and almost a kilometre long portion requires carpeting.

A taxi driver informed that there are also big holes in the centre of the road in front of H-9 College and said the concerned authorities are not interested in the rehabilitation of the road which is being used by thousands of people.

He also pointed out that portion of Kashmir Road between Peshawar More to G-10 turning need urgent repairing. People have urged the concerned authorities to look into the matter and repair these roads helping the road users for a safe journey.

Online adds: IJ Principal Road and 9th Avenue are in dilapidated condition due to negligence of CDA.

The transporters on IJ Principal road complained that the road has broken and causing worst traffic mess. Gull Khan a driver said that ditches and cracks on the road are hampering the smooth traffic flow. The condition of 9th Avenue is also very poor as the fractured road is causing road accidents at large scale. The residents said that they have complained to CDA several times but to no avail. The transporters have demanded of the higher authorities to re-carpet and reconstruct the road on priority basis.