RAWALPINDI – Patients coming at the OPD of the Eye Diseases Department at Benazir Hospital are facing severe hardship due to the neglectful behaviour by the doctors. 

Sources told Online that hundreds of patients were coming at the hospitals’ eye diseases department every day, but due to unavailability of treatment facilities on time, the poop patients have to go to the private hospitals for their treatments, at a high cost. It has become a regular routine by the doctors for not coming at work on proper time, the source added.

The source said that the doctors came at office after nine o’clock, then on their own willingness they start to entertain the patients. Which not only waste the time of the patients but also put them in trouble.

A patient Saleem informed Online, ‘ the eye check up is cheap here that why I have come here, but here the doctors are not entertaining us on time’. The patients have demanded of the concerned authorities to take notice of the matter and resolve the problem of the poor people on emergence basis.