LAHORE – The Animal Wing of the Rescue 1122 captured a four-feet long poisonous black cobra from a home in the Misri Shah Police precincts on early Sunday.

A senior rescuer, associated with the wing, said the serpent was alive and under observation. “The snake would be on view for the general public if the planned checkup found it in good condition,” he added.

The Rescue 1122 search team caught the hooded snake using special tongs, hooks and wiper from inside a house in Misri Shah, where it had been living for the last couple of months.

A phone was call made to the Control Room of the Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) in the wee hours of Sunday, reporting that a long black snake was inside their home and could bite the family members.

Rescue teams responded to the call and reached the site within seven minutes, only to find a cobra roaming inside the house. “It was a dangerous situation for us because the fangs of a cobra inject venom that kills a person in less than 15 minutes,” said a rescuer who has captured several snakes in the past.

He added such snakes were found in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, and most of them were harmless, though not the one recovered on Sunday. The authorities concerned are undecided until the filing of this report whether to shift the cobra to the Reptile House or the Lahore Zoo.