KARACHI- Pakistan Steel Mills on the directives of federal cabinet arranged Ishq-e-Rasool (PBUH) conference here on Sunday. A large number of workers, officers, CBA members and students attend the conference to show their love and respect for the beloved Prophet (PBUH).Addressing to the occasion, PSM Chief Executive Officer Muhmmad Javed said the Pakistani government showed its love with Prophet (PBUH )by the announcement of a day of Love for Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and arranged Ishq-e-Rasool conferences at country level. This day delivered the message that all Muslims are united. He said, according to our Holy Prophet (PBUH) teachings, we must respect all prophets and their teachings."True love and protection of honour of our Holy Prophet is an essential part of our faith, true followers of Islam who want Allah's blessing must follow the Prophet (PBUH) instructions," he added. "It’s a good sign for Pakistani nation that we are celebrating the day of Prophet (PBUH)’s love."PSM's workers gathered for Ishq-e-Rasool (PBUH) and proved that they are true lovers of Prophet, he added.Principal Executive Officer Absar Nabi said being a follower of Holy Prophet(SAW),we must obey and follow the teachings of our Prophet.Maulana Qari Akram Saddi, Maulana Sabir Shah, Qari Basheer Akhtar Chishti and others also expressed their views on the life of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and prayed for the country as well for PSM's betterment.