LOWER DIR - Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer, Syed Munawar Hassan on Sunday urged the military leadership to halt offensives in tribal areas and Pakhtun belts, as innocent citizens were being killed.   

Addressing a big public gathering here, the JI chief said that Haqqani network had no presence in Pakistan. “It is based in Afghanistan and the USA should chase it there,” Munawar Hassan said.

The JI, Dir Lower chapter, organised the event, wherein the party showed power in the region, as according to observers more than 30,000 political workers from Dir Lower, Dir Upper and Malakand Agency participated in the event. “It is indeed the biggest political gathering ever held at Timergara during the last 10 years,” said an impartial observer.

JI Naib Ameer Sirajul Haq, JI, KPK, Naib Ameer Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, Dir Lower Ameer Maulana Asadullah, Central Nazim Islami Jamiat Tulba Zubair Safdar, Nazim Jamiat Tulba Arabia Mahmood Bashir, Sahibzada Yaqub Khan, former MPAs Muzafar Syed, Saeed Gul,Izazul Afkari, Syed Sultanat Yar, Maulana Muhammad Ismaiel and others also spoke on the occasion.

Referring to government initiatives, he said that observing holiday and holding ‘Seerat Conference’ at Islamabad was fruitless, as the world did not take any notice of it. He said the government should expel the US ambassador from Pakistan. He said people started hating American policies and wanted change in the country. He said the JI would promote Islamic culture through ballot not bullet.

He urged the people to join its mission. The JI also appreciated leaders and workers of the party in Dir for organising such a big gathering and said people of Dir had always voted to the JI and they would do so again in next election. 

Criticising the Awami National Party in the province, Siraj said that blood had been shed since this party had come to powers. He said lawlessness, price hike, selling of national institutions; corruption and plundering national exchequers had destroyed the country.

He asked people of the province not to vote again the ANP as its hands were red with blood of Pakhtun.

 He said police killed innocent citizen in Peshawar to protect the US embassy and cinema houses there. “Burning a cinema is a crime but killing a human is not a crime in the eyes of our rulers,” Haq said, adding that the government of Pakistan should close the US Embassy at Islamabad until the anti-Islam film was removed from websites and the responsible were duly punished.